15 years of experience in business consulting

A european team of senior consultants with diverse and complementary profiles

We achieve tangible and measurable results like improved operational performance, higher employee engagement and increased customer satisfaction. 

Equipe Sensing


banc de poissonsAccompanying companies to achieve a high level of performance requires the transformation of organizations. Most of the time, the challenge is to turn powerful but rigid “whale-like organizations” with a pyramidal structure into a “shoal of fish”.

The latter is more flexible, harmonious and leads to improved performance. Engagement and enthusiasm are achieved when each individual gets involved and feels that his/her contribution adds value. Our motivation is anchored in two pillars: creating open and trusting relationships among individuals, while implementing governance structures which enhance responsibility-taking. This motivates us every day to get involved next to leaders who are looking for new paths to lead their organizations to success.

Patrick Hereng Florence Pilard Raphael Goumot Yvonne Altorfer

Patrick Hereng - Partner

Consultant in information system strategy and digital transformation

Florence Pilard - Partner

Facilitator in transformation
New collaborative environments
New communication strategies and postures

Raphaël Goumot - Partner

Business Innovation Facilitator
Agile Trainer and Coach

Yvonne Altorfer - Founding Partner

Consulting in management
Developement and collective performance
Facilitator in digital transformation


A network of senior consultants with diverse and complementary profiles : 

Sylvie Bremond

Sylvie Brémond
Digital Speaker, Executive Coach
French, English 

Franck Devillon

Franck Devillon
Leadership Development, Assessment
French, English

Tina De Vits

Tina De Vits
Change Management, Training
Dutch, English, French


Christophe Durand

Christophe Durand
Supply Chain, Lean, Quality, ERP
French, English, Spanish

Anne Leblanc

Anne Leblanc
Coach de la voix et de la prise de parole en public
Team building par le chant 

Olivier Herlin

Olivier Herlin
Consultant, Trainer and Coach
French, English

Annette Preyer

Annette Preyer
Executive Coach, Intercultural Management
German, French, English

Massimiliano Saccarelli

Massimiliano Saccarelli
Leadership Development, Executive Coaching
Italian, English, French




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