The article you can read by clicking on the image below confirm the need to measure and develop a collaborative cultural field to be efficient in the digital age. 

We are at your disposal to present you the assessment "digital culture" based on the CIGREF reference framework.

After months of hard work, perseverance and collaborative work, the digital culture reference framework CIGREF co-developed with Sensing officially is officially born. "This tool, the first of its kind, is made available to any business leader keen to see the digital transformation of his or her organization through a sucessfull implementation. The diagnosis that derives from it can be used to assess the practices and behaviors in place within the organization, and to define action plans to ensure the smooth implementation of a digital transformation…" Pascal Buffard (President CIGREF)


The E-Book is available here


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The CIGREF just published « Entreprises & Culture Numérique » in order to promote a genuine « entreprise digital culture » which is source of creation of value, innovation and performance.

Based on these works Sensing is testing a framework with 5 voluntary companies.



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To celebrate the New Year, Sensing is pleased to offer you its traditional calendar, full of quotes that feed your thoughts. We hope you will appreciate it!

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The annual study conducted by the Association "Grandes Ecoles au Féminin". focused on the topic “Which leaders for tomorrow?”. It highlights a strong difference between the characteristics of leaders now in place and the skills and qualities necessary for succeeding tomorrow.

The results confirm the profile of the leader as described by the model of Richard Barrett: “the full spectrum leader”. Sensing uses this model to assess leaders and cultures.

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