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Setting up a new organization and improving processes is not enough to transform a company. It is vital to take the human dimension of change into account in order to anticipate resistance, successfully change behaviours, and have all actors engage in the new direction.

Consistency between vision, governance and behaviour are key to enhance performance.


Creating a shared vision

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In unstable environments, where priorities and strategies can change overnight, a common and inspiring vision around core values is vital to provide actions with meaning :

  • The vision defines not only where to go and what to do; it also sets standards, ethics and illustrates behaviours that underly action
  • It encompasses all cultures, countries and professional units

Investing creativity and energy to build and communicate the vision is fundamental to foster actors’ identification with it. The vision lives through each person of the organization.


Aligning vision and practices


A vision embodied by all stakeholders mobilizes people around common objectives. The organizational model, the systems and the processes must mirror the vision and values. Governance models inherited from the hierarchical past have to be questioned by leaders and transformed into a matrix or a network organization.

Flexible and clear commitments have to be defined among all actors :

  • Monitoring by using relevant indicators
  • Mobilizing with consistent goals
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Adjusting the interfaces


Developing capacity for collective action


People are organizations’ most fundamental resource and their strongest success factor. The effectiveness of each strategy and structure depends on peoples’ skills, reactivity and proactivity. This is especially true in demanding global environments.

It is all about developing people and not only professional skills.

This implies :

  • Learning to communicate in an open and responsible way
  • Learning to overcome one’s own defensive behaviors to make room for productive relationships
  • Developing resiliency and openness to change


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Commitment and performance :

  • originate from a shared vision, which inspires coherent implementation and action
  • are enhanced if the organization, systems, processes and policies mirror the vision
  • grow when individuals at all levels of the organisation feel empowered to unleash their potential and dare to release their creative energy

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